Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Bios for FX 8350 5.0GHz Template

I was looking for a Bios template when I was trying to set this up and I couldn't find one anywhere. In order to help others I decided I would post all my bios settings. Please remember no two chips are the same and there are different factors such as RAM. Hopefully this will help with most of the energy saving stuff.
DIGI settings
CPU Configuration


  1. Thanks this worked great for me

  2. Thanks friend!! Works very good and 100% stable!

  3. Would have been nice to see your voltages. I used those settings but my computer locks up while Windows is loading, even at 4.8. Don't know what voltages to use in what places other than the 1.608 for the cpu. I have the FX8350 with a M5A99FX Pro V2. Also have a shiny new EVGA Supernova G2 750 PSU and an H80i Water Cooler